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Dance Academy

Dance School with something for everyone

A Dance School with Something For Everyone

Dance styles

The dance school at Jackie Palmer Academy in High Wycombe is filled with exciting opportunities to improve your skills in Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Commercial, Tap, Body Conditioning and Acrobatics. Students start with us at different levels. Our dance courses will make EVERYONE confident, strong dancers by the end of their two year programme at our dance academy in High Wycombe.

A Dance Academy with Great Industry Exposure

Your performance opportunities

There are so many opportunities throughout the academic year to perform your learned dance skills with our dance academy! From in-class performances, to performing at MOVE IT, to a full-scale musical production and finishing the year off with our VERVE showcase, your dance technique will constantly be combined with learning performance flair, to make you a formidable presence on stage.

Dance Academy with great industry exposure

Becoming A Dancer

Your future

The world of dance has so many options now and the industry is really looking for versatility. Whether you love Ballet or Commercial the most, a strong foundation in multiple dancing techniques is incredibly important. Most of our dance school students go on to study at the big 3-year conservatoires, and those particularly interested have studied at Urdang, Bird College, Performers, London Studio Centre and Masters, to name but a few. Professional dancers can work in the Commercial dance industry, backing their favourite pop starts, in professional companies, or in West End Musicals, utilising their singing training that they might begin with us at the Academy. After or alongside their performing careers, dancers can also work as models, personal trainers and dancing teachers.

Our Approach

Triple threat

All in all we believe that by having a strong connection to Body, Voice and Emotion helps to create ‘Triple Threat’ performers. Neither one can exist without the other; we aim to instil this into all of our students to help produce outstanding all round performers.

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