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Acting School

An Acting School with something for everyone

Acting School with Something For Everyone

Acting styles

Acting classes in High Wycombe at Jackie Palmer Academy focus on psychological realism. The students are encouraged to develop a strong sense of truth in their performances. Drawing from the techniques of European Theatre practitioners such as Stanislavsky, Chekhov and Barba, the students are armed with the skills to enhance their own individual practice. Classical classes centre around the works of Shakespeare and students are taught how to analyse his texts to deliver the language as if it’s their own. Throughout the course there is a clear focus on discipline and audition preparation. Our acting classes give students the necessary skills to progress in a professional career.

An Acting School With Great Industry Exposure

Your performance opportunities

At Jackie Palmer Academy, students in the acting school will perform throughout their studies, in contemporary plays, in a musical and in the showcase at the end of the year. They will devise their own theatre works for in class assessment and have the opportunity to share these within the local community.

Jackie Palmer a Dance School with great industry exposure

Becoming An Actor

Your future

We have a very successful agency here at Jackie Palmer, the idea being you can work while you train and build that ever important CV. Most of our students go on to study at a 3-year conservatoire, but some have moved from our acting lessons straight into the professional industry.

Our Approach

Triple threat

All in all, the team at our drama school believes that by having a strong connection to Body, Voice and Emotion helps to create ‘Triple Threat’ performers. Neither one can exist without the other; we aim to instil this into all of our students to help produce outstanding all round performers.

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